I am Erez Zundelevich

I do startup marketing.
13 years ago I borrowed money from my mom in order to buy AdWords traffic.
Since then I built a $40K/mo business, helped 2 startups grow to be Round-A-ready, and failed building my own startup.

I am Erez Zundelevich

What I Love Doing

When I’m not meditating, this is what I like to do:

Positioning & user research

Finding the right target audience for your product. Then crafting and communicating the right promise to help users choose you over the alternatives. Crossing the Chasm!

User acquisition

From managing 6-figure marketing campaign, to ranking #1 for highly competitive search terms. When it comes to SEO & PPC, I did it all. These days I rather oversee these activities. Sometimes I get paid teaching it.

Funnel & user journey

Optimizing the SaaS conversion funnel. Landing pages, emails, retargeting ads, pricing, webinars, etc. One should always be testing.

Product management

While not my expertise, product management is fun. Ideation -> wireframing -> Figma mockups -> Dev specs -> QA. Translating users & business needs to product features.

Content marketing

Over the years I have written dozens and edited hundreds of blog posts. I also wrote sales pitches, sales decks, e-books, landing pages copy, product micro-copy, and investors decks. Some of this content can be found on this site.

Web analytics

I founded and managed an analytics company. I oversaw the implementation of Google Analytics & Segment into 2 SaaS products. Lately I learned SQL but I'd say my SQL knowledge is still basic.

Want to work together?

I love meeting new friends. Let's see how we can help each other.